How to check your warranty on iPhone, iPad, or Mac

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How to Convert HEIC Files to JPEG on a Mac

The HEIC file format of the iPhone is better than JPEG. However, it is not always compatible with systems, so it should be made more standard.


• > How to Convert HEIC to JPEG on a Mac

• > How to configure the iPhone to capture them in JPEG

Apple uses a new photo format known as HEIC to compress images taken with the iPhone, and here we are going to show you how to open HEIC files on your Mac and how you can convert them from HEIC to JPEG.

Since the arrival of iOS 11, Apple has used the HEIC file format to save photos on the iPhone and iPad. We explain more about them in the article on how to share JPEG files from iPhone and not HEIC .

Apple uses the HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format) and HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) standards created by MPEG, and calls the file format HEIC.

HEIC comprises a number of advanced compression methods that allow photos to be created in much smaller file sizes, up to half the size, Instagram Marketing while achieving higher image quality compared to JPEG.

It should be more beneficial for everyone, but, as with proprietary file formats, it is not compatible with all devices or applications. Try uploading a .heic file to a form on the web and you will see that it will have little impact.

 HEIC can also store multiple photos in the same file, ideal for Live Photos and those that are captured in burst mode of the iPhone.

It also supports transparency, just like GIF files, and you can store image edits, such as cropping and rotating them, so you can undo it whenever you want.

Basically it is much better than JPEG. For example, it supports 16-bit colors versus 8-bit JPG. But try loading a .heic file in some applications, and you will see that you may run into problems.

Even older versions of Apple's macOS (prior to 2017's High Sierra) won't be able to open HEIC files on their own, requiring third-party software and programs.

Therefore, we need an easy conversion of HEIC files on a Mac to the most common and universal JPEG / JPG format. Fortunately, it is easy to open a HEIC file on a Mac and convert it to JPEG.

How to Convert HEIC to JPEG on a Mac

When you have the HEIC formatted image on your Mac, open it in the 'Preview' application. Open 'Preview' and choose 'Export' from the 'File' menu. Find 'Preview' in the 'Applications' folder.

 Here you will see that the native HEIC format is selected.

 Change the format to JPEG and select where to save the new file.

 As you can see, the HEIC file size is much smaller than JPEG, but you can use JPEG in more applications, such as web forms. In this case, the HEIC is one third smaller than the JPEG.

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 And yes, you can save a JPEG as HEIC in the same way via 'Preview'.

How to set the iPhone to capture them in JPEG

You can also configure your iPhone or iPad so that by default, from now on it captures the photos you take in JPEG format instead of HEIC.

1. Go to 'Settings'.

2. Click on 'Camera' and then on 'Formats'.

3. You will see 'High efficiency' and 'Most compatible' appear.

4. Select 'Most Compatible' which corresponds to JPEG.

High-efficiency HEIF / HEVC reduces file size 4K to 60fps and 1080p to 240fps require high efficiency.

You may be interested in checking out our list of the best professional photo editors for Mac .

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